Tuesday, November 19, 2013

November Newsletter

Marketing Outside of the Box - Creative Ideas

It is always a challenge to develop a comprehensive marketing plan that is impactful. Listed are creative ideas submitted that are unique and outside of the traditional box:

Guerilla Tactic Signage Plan: Instead of utilizing traditional signage component such as billboards, banners or marquees, think bigger and in locations such as the streets and sidewalks; because everyone watches where they are going.

- Chelsey Jungck, Nebraska State Fair

We film a commercial during current year using the new fair queen for the following year's fair commercial that runs at the local movie theaters throughout the summer. Inexpensive and is viewed by many with cash to spend.

- Jennifer Rhodes, Fowlerville Family Fair

Street teams are a great way to get the word out about the Fair! Have teams go to other community events, ball games, or a local gathering place to give away Fair tickets, hand out brochures, and invite people to your Fair. 
- Jen Puente, Wisconsin State Fair

To further meet your marketing and communication goals, create a Pinterest account for your fair with boards that address frequently asked questions or specific demographics. For example, if a common inquiry from guests revolves around seeking out healthy food options, create a board with photos and suggestions of places to stop for healthier fare. If you hear from moms who are looking to make a trip to the fair less of a hassle, create a board specifically catered to them with photos and information about: ways save money before and during your event; options for free transportation to and from; and free attractions and educational exhibits for school-age children. The use of Pinterest boards to address specific communications challenges or goals is an easy, free, effective and visually stunning way to market everything your fair has to offer.
- Brienna Schuette, Minnesota State Fair 

We had our sponsor, Murdochs, donate a gift card of $100 for us to run a Facebook contest. Our ultimate goal was to increase the number of fans on our page so we could utilize the free aspect while making announcements. The more fans we had, the more messages we could get across at a much cheaper rate than traditional advertising. We posted this contest on our page around 4:00 PM on the evening when we had our biggest night event. We encouraged everyone who was already a fan to share the page, which would enter them into the chance to win as well. The contest was mentioned several times during our night event, encouraging the 5,000 guests to get on their mobiles and like us immediately. We were giving the gift away as soon as we reached 1,000 likes. I know doesn't seem like much but we are a small fair and saw a 300% increase in attendance this year alone. We increased by 255 fans in the one night by doing our contest. We now have all of those fans to market to next year when we start doing promotions about the upcoming events.
Casandra Bossingham, Budweiser Events Center

The Washington County Fair's marketing strategy is to market the fair as a "family fun fair" where everyone can experience and learn about agriculture. Our fair does not sell alcohol and most of all the entertainment is family friendly. We want everyone to come to the fair, but our marketing is geared towards young families.

One tip for productive marketing is "word of mouth". Many of our fairgoers still do not have easy access to Internet and are too busy to watch TV so the best way to promote our fair is by making a good impression on the people that visit fair so that they will tell their friends.
- Renee St. Jacques, Washington County Fair

Secrets to Become More Productive - Tips & Tricks
In this fast paced event environment, it is essential to stay productive and organized. Please find helpful tips below that will keep you engaged and ready to take on any challenge:

Favorite productivity tip is to utilize “To Do” lists, and that means multiple. By incorporating Outlook’s Task Manager, you can set deadlines, determine importance, add notes, email and delegate.
Chelsey Jungck, Nebraska State Fair

I take breaks, and have a kitchen timer on my desk. Give myself a limited amount of time to complete a task. When timer goes off (and if something that I can put off) I stop that and move on to something else. It keeps me from feeling like I cannot accomplish something. Kind of like biting off more than one can chew. Makes it like a game, and I am trying to beat the clock. It works for me, and keeps me motivated, also  helps with the productivity because it allows the task to be fun.
- Jennifer Rhodes, Fowlerville Family Fair

Meetings seem to consume all of our lives….Make meetings with yourself to get work done. Scheduling work time to hit important deadlines minimizes stress – and meetings! 
- Jen Puente, Wisconsin State Fair

Nothing is more valuable for productivity and staying on task than a really good list. You can be more productive and manage priorities with tiered lists: a list for what needs to happen TODAY; a list for what needs to happen this week; and a final list for tasks with long-lead due dates. A pad of lined Post-Its and a pen is all you need to become more efficient and effective. 
Brienna Schuette, Minnesota State Fair

My best tip for productivity is utilizing Google calendar. Doesn't seem like much because this is something I am still trying to learn how to be better at. But we have several different options when scheduling things from color coding to separate calendars that can all be shown together. I put my entire life on my calendar and check it first thing every morning so I know what my day brings.  Without my calendar, I feel completely lost!
Casandra Bossingham, Budweiser Events Center

YPI VIP Highlight

Chelsey Jungck
Events & Entertainment Director
Nebraska State Fair
Grand Island, Nebraska

Growing up, Chelsey Jungck and her family annually attended the Nebraska State Fair over Labor Day weekend. The grounds attractions, Hotdog Alley (food vendors), and the commercial exhibits were at the top of their list for their visit every year. Ms. Jungck never imagined that someday she would be part of the team that made those things possible at the Nebraska State Fair.

Ms. Jungck graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with a Bachelor of Arts in Advertising and a Master of Arts in Marketing, Communications, and Advertising. Following grad school, she worked a temporary position for Events Solutions magazine, helping to plan their annual conference for event planners in Las Vegas.

Ms. Jungck began serving at the Nebraska State Fair in 2009 as a seasonal employee, planning the last fair in Lincoln. She then moved to Grand Island in late 2009 with the relocation of the Nebraska State Fair. She joined the staff full-time and assisted in the planning of the first state fair in Grand Island.

In her current position as events and entertainment director, Ms. Jungck is responsible for booking entertainment and planning the festivals, programs, and special events at the fair. She also oversees the Nebraska State Fair’s website, social media sites, and mobile application.

Ms. Jungck serves on the IAFE Membership Committee and was recently selected to serve as the Zone 5 representative on the IAFE Young Professionals Steering Committee. She will graduate from the IAFE Institute of Fair Management at the Annual Convention. Ms. Jungck is working with a Steering Committee in Nebraska to develop a Young Professionals Initiative for the Nebraska Association of Fair Managers. 

Ms. Jungck enjoys being an active community member in Grand Island. She serves as secretary on the College Park Board of Directors and vice president on the Grand Island YWCA Board of Directors. She is a member of the Grand Island Chamber of Commerce Young Professionals, the Grand Island Chamber’s Annual Meeting Planning Committee, is a mentor for the University of Nebraska -- Lincoln Public Relations Student Society of America, and is a graduate of the Grand Island Leadership Tomorrow, class 25. Ms. Junck was selected as one of the Grand Island Chamber’s Top 35 under 35 in 2012.

Mentor Spotlight

Dave Snowden
Triangle Talent, Inc.
Louisville, Kentucky

How long have you been in the fair industry?
40 years.  

What’s the best lesson you have learned in the industry / or the hardest? 
How different each Fair is and actually how different each day is. So many elements, weather being the number one!!

What’s your favorite fair food? 
Fried everything!!

What do you feel is the biggest change / challenge you have faced? 
The economy but also the Casino business has grabbed many acts from the Summer tours.

What question would you ask a mentor? 
What are your goals?

If you could give one piece of advice what would that be? 
To stay focused on your goals, listen to your audience (Fair Goer) always keep progressing with new ideas!!

What’s the one thing during the fair you can’t live without? 

What’s your advice on handling failure? 
Face it head on and never let the same thing happen the second time!!

What’s your favorite quote? 
Really don't have one!!

Who is your role model / mentor? 
Vince Lombardi, win, but win the right way, but work harder each day, and never let defeat get you down.

Convention Calendar & Updates

Mark your calendars to get plugged-in to YPI at the Annual IAFE Convention.  These events will be a great way to learn, meet new people and get more involved:
  • Wine & Dine - YPI Representation
    Sunday, December 8, 6pm - 8pm, Planet Hollywood's second level
    The IAFE's Young Professionals Initiative invites you to Unlock your Dreams at this year's Wine and Dine. Tickets will be available for $20 each, with additional tickets being $10 each or 3 for $20. With initial purchase you will receive a custom labeled white or red wine, wine key and tote; as well as an opportunity to win the Dream Package, which includes one 2014 IAFE Convention Registration, Gordon Ramsey Gift Card, and other delights from participating zones. Don't miss out on your opportunity to Unlock Your Dreams and be part of a fun event for a great cause, the IAFE Education Foundation to benefit YPI Scholarships.
  • YPI-Sponsored Workshop with Gary Berg on Work / Life Balance
    Monday, December 9, 3pm, Bally's Silver Room
  • Ment-A-Minute Mixer
    Monday, December 9, 4:30pm - 5:30pm, Paris Versailles 3 & 4
  • YPI Large Group Committee Meeting
    Tuesday, December 10, 2:30pm - 3:30pm, Bally's Bronze 3 & 4
  • YPI Social Reception Sponsored by Noise New Media
    Tuesday, December 10, 7:30pm - 8:30pm, Paris Versailles 1 & 2
  • Post Reception Get-Together
    Tuesday, December 10, after 8:30pm, location TBD

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